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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: One year since the war in Sri Lanka ended, the situation for ethnic minority Tamils and Muslims remains of concern as communities in the former war-torn areas await justice, security and

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It’s been a tragic year for Sri Lankans inside and outside the country, and one year after the end of the conflict, tens of thousands of innocent civilians are still suffering. --- 82,000

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The UN agencies produce a regular update of the situation in Sri Lanka. The highlights of the March report are: 1) Menik Farm (the largest detention centre in Sri Lanka) currently hosts a

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Why is there a belief in the International Community and even the Sri Lankan Diasporas that things are returning to normal in Sri Lanka? This account from a highly credible source that cannot

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Sri Lankan electoral monitoring groups have expressed grave doubts about the fairness of the election with respect to Tamils in the North. The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) has listed a catalogue

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International Crisis Group - Asia Briefing N’99 Since the decisive military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Sri Lanka has made little progress in reconstructing its battered democratic institutions or

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The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has trouble with the truth. Alongside a track record of distortions and outright lies, its mastery of doublespeak of the sort Orwell so brilliantly narrated in his

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Elders – a group of eminent global leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela – have made a direct appeal to the President of Sri Lanka to protect the rights

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It is just over 10 weeks since we launched the Campaign. In that time, pressure on the Sri Lankan Government (GoSL) – from this Campaign and from many other directions – has helped

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The following report has come from reliable and trusted sources, who, for reasons of their own safety and those of others, have asked to remain anonymous. Last week a group of us got