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Just over a month ago, online activist Ramzy Razeek emailed Sri Lanka’s chief of police to complain about a flurry of death threats that he had been receiving on Facebook. But instead of

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The past few weeks have seen many inches of column space taken up by Sri Lanka’s decision to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council resolution 30/1, a move which saw the government tear up its

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It’s been just under three weeks since Gotabaya Rajapaksa became President of Sri Lanka, and already there are some worrying signs of the chilling effect his victory is having on press freedom and

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The bombing has surely stopped. But for Tamils in the North and independent journalists and human rights defenders in the South the attacks continue. MCM Iqbal, the widely respected former secretary to two

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It’s now a tourist hotspot, but Sri Lanka is still a very dangerous place for reporters. by Lucy Popescu May 19th marked the first anniversary of the end of Sri Lanka’s long civil

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Sri Lanka is now rated the 4th most dangerous place in the world for journalists. More than fifteen journalists are believed to have been killed there since 2006. These include Lasantha Wickrematunge, the

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Whilst the anniversary of the end of the military offensive in Sri Lanka fast approaches, we are reminded it is also the anniversary of an another “significant nail” in the coffin of a

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By Heike Winnig What’s happened to journalists and others who speak out against the dictatorial government of Sri Lanka? Who’s on the “hit list” the government’s state intelligence units have drawn up? One

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Sri Lanka’s civil war might be over, but the European Union recently dropped the island’s preferential trade status because of human-rights violations. Guest columnist Peter Mountford says Sri Lankan media are not free

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In 2009, 99 journalists were killed, 136 were jailed and 537 were arrested in the course of doing their jobs. Despite rights enshrined in national and international conventions, journalists still find themselves frequently