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Early next week, 243 Sri Lankan troops will be deployed to a UN peacekeeping mission in Mali. We want to stop that from happening and would like to ask for your help in

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This coming Monday, the government of Sri Lanka will open a major gathering in Geneva attended by the 100+ countries who have signed up to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CMC), an international treaty designed

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Today (18 May 2010) marks the first anniversary of the end of the conflict in Sri Lanka. In response to the impunity that continues to exist, Amnesty International has launched a web petition

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Even prior to the end of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict in May 2009, Human Rights Watch has called upon the United Nations to establish an independent international investigation into violations of international humanitarian

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: One year since the war in Sri Lanka ended, the situation for ethnic minority Tamils and Muslims remains of concern as communities in the former war-torn areas await justice, security and

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It’s been a tragic year for Sri Lankans inside and outside the country, and one year after the end of the conflict, tens of thousands of innocent civilians are still suffering. --- 82,000

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Key highlights of the briefing given by ICG on its report 'War crimes in Sri Lanka' The powerful report, citing witness testimony, satellite images, documents and other evidence, calls for a wide-reaching international

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In response to Roma Tearne’s article about the on-going significance of the burning of the Jaffna Library, some people have contacted us with their own moving accounts of what this means for them and

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We have cautiously welcomed the announcement by the Presidential Media Unit about the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the recent conflict from the perspective of restorative justice. In our second statement

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The recent experience with UK Committee of Inquiry into the war with Iraq is clear evidence that such government defined processes are inherently prone to manipulation, by their mandate and the appropriateness of