Peace Poem for Sri Lanka

May 19, 2010 Sri Lanka Campaign Comments Off

It’s time for Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils to share a just peace.
It’s time to respect human lives in the land called Sri Lanka.
It’s time for healing to begin in wounded souls.
It’s time to end 50+ years of conflict, oppression and fear.

It’s time for a just solution

It’s time for equal rights.
It’s time to stop discrimination, segregation and restrictions on movement.
It’s time for those who put up barbed wire fences to build them on their own property.

It’s time to stop bulldozing one community’s homes and building homes for the other community.
It’s time to do away with double standards.

It’s time for Sri Lankan citizens to have freedom of speech
It’s time for the international community to implement 60 years of United Nations resolutions.

It’s time for Sri Lankan government to deliver on equality to the people
It’s time for those who represent the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people to all be involved in making peace.
It’s time for people who have been displaced for years to regain their rights and a permanent home.
It’s time to assist all who have suffered by the war

It’s time for truth telling

It’s time for foreigners who visit Sri Lanka to be aware of the ethics and issues
It’s time to see refugee camps and the released in their despair.
It’s time for people living this nightmare to feel new solidarity from a watching world.

It’s time to name the shame of collective punishment and to end it in all its forms.
It’s time to be revolted by violence against civilians and for civilians on both sides to be safe.
It’s time to give those accused a fair trial.
It’s time for all parties to obey international humanitarian and Human rights law.

It’s time to honour all who have suffered.
It’s time to learn from past wrongs.
It’s time to understand pent-up anger and begin to set things right.
It’s time for those with blood on their hands to acknowledge what they have done.

It’s time to seek forgiveness between communities and to repair a broken land together.
It’s time to move forward as human beings who are all made in the image of God.

All who are able to speak truth to power must speak it.
All who would break the silence surrounding injustice must break it.

All who have something to give for peace must give it.
For all communities in Sri Lanka and for a troubled world,

It’s time for Peace.

Adapted for Sri Lanka based on a poem written for World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel 29 May – 4 June 2010