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Introduction Those of us who are closely watching the unfolding atrocity in Gaza in 2023/24 will no doubt be painfully reminded of Sri Lanka during the last phase of the civil war in

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On  18  May  2009,  the  war  in  Sri Lanka came to a bloody, murderous end on the beaches of Mullivaikkal, after months of brutal violence meted out by the Sri Lankan armed forces.

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This is the second of a 3-part series of essays and reports which the Sri Lanka Campaign will be publishing in the coming weeks, ahead of the Office of the High Commissioner on

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The 49th Human Rights Council has been in session for the past few weeks, discussing a variety of human rights issues from around the globe. On 4 and 7 March, the Office of

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27th October is Day of Commemoration of Disappearances in Sri Lanka Sri Lankans have lived under the terrible shadow of enforced disappearances for decades: in the security forces’ campaign against the JVP leftists

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On 22nd October 2020, the Sri Lankan Parliament passed the 20th Amendment to the Constitution with a two-thirds majority, despite opposition from a wide range of civil society groups and concerns raised by international NGOs and UN experts. One

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At the 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) last week, the Government of Sri Lanka tried to dismiss calls for greater international action on Sri Lanka, saying that it is committed to

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In a recent article published in World Politics Review, academic Jocelyn Belanger argued that the Sri Lankan experience of ‘rehabilitating’ Tamil Tiger (LTTE) militants at the end of the country’s long civil war in 2009

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Today (18 May 2010) marks the first anniversary of the end of the conflict in Sri Lanka. In response to the impunity that continues to exist, Amnesty International has launched a web petition

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT: One year since the war in Sri Lanka ended, the situation for ethnic minority Tamils and Muslims remains of concern as communities in the former war-torn areas await justice, security and