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“Peace is not the absence of war”, Martin Luther King told us: “it is the presence of justice”. King’s legacy transmitted itself directly into the mantra of African American activists, outraged over the

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Andrew Stroehlein, Communications Director for the International Crisis Group, the conflict resolution organisation, where he promotes responsible coverage of current and potential conflicts and helps draw attention to forgotten wars around the world.

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Antony Loewenstein, a member of the Campaign’s Advisory Council, explores what it means to advocate the ‘Sri Lanka model’ for Israel/Palestine. It is easy to frame the conflict in Israel and Palestine as

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The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has trouble with the truth. Alongside a track record of distortions and outright lies, its mastery of doublespeak of the sort Orwell so brilliantly narrated in his

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Recent comments from the UN, US, Vatican and other suggests that things in Sri Lanka are progressing as smoothly as is reasonable to expect. But the reason for communicating this message is that

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President Obama promised his era would be one of greater transparency and the Senate is following his lead on Sri Lanka. In an 18-page bipartisan report, two experienced Senators have argued for a

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Reading the recent speech by a senior South African government minister, Ms M Nkoana-Mashabane, leaves you uncertain whether to laugh or cry! As you will see, she praises Sri Lanka for its human

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Elders – a group of eminent global leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela – have made a direct appeal to the President of Sri Lanka to protect the rights

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Welcoming Baroness Ashton’s appointment as the new EU 'foreign minister', the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace & Justice (SLC) today released a statement – signed by an international group of eminent Advisers –

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On 4th November, the US House of Representatives urged Sri Lanka’s government to guarantee the safety and quick release of some 300,000 Tamils and other war-displaced people currently held in camps. 1 By an