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Last week, Sri Lanka’s new government formally withdrew its support for UN Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution 30/1 – thereby pulling the plug on its long-standing pledge to establish a domestic accountability mechanism capable of

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Today we publish a new report, ‘Abandoned Promises?’, looking at the current state of play for human rights in Sri Lanka, and evaluating the progress that the government has made towards addressing the legacy

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The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace & Justice is launching a series of interviews to mark the first anniversary of the end of nearly three decades of armed conflict in the country. We

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This depressing speech by Hillary Clinton speaks for itself. It stands in stark contrast to the pre-election rhetoric of Barack Obama “When genocide is happening, when ethnic cleansing is happening somewhere around the

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Tapan Bose is no stranger to violence and human rights abuse in South Asia. As Secretary General of the South Asia Forum for Human Rights, and based in Nepal, he has seen and

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It is often said – by Indian decision-makers and others – that the Indian Government lacks influence with the Government of Sri Lanka. At this time of great risk to journalists and human

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“Peace is not the absence of war”, Martin Luther King told us: “it is the presence of justice”. King’s legacy transmitted itself directly into the mantra of African American activists, outraged over the

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Andrew Stroehlein, Communications Director for the International Crisis Group, the conflict resolution organisation, where he promotes responsible coverage of current and potential conflicts and helps draw attention to forgotten wars around the world.

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Antony Loewenstein, a member of the Campaign’s Advisory Council, explores what it means to advocate the ‘Sri Lanka model’ for Israel/Palestine. It is easy to frame the conflict in Israel and Palestine as

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The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has trouble with the truth. Alongside a track record of distortions and outright lies, its mastery of doublespeak of the sort Orwell so brilliantly narrated in his