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President Ranil W.,  announced   that  Sri  Lankan local elections, due to be held on 9th March 2023, will be indefinitely delayed, as the Sri Lankan government continues its assault on democratic rights. 

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The government of Sri Lanka is dominated by the family of the president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa. By occupying 9 ministerial roles, including 7 out of 30 positions on the cabinet, the Rajapaksa family controls nearly

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On Sunday morning, Gotabaya Rajapaksa claimed victory in Sri Lanka’s Presidential elections having obtained 52.25% of the total votes cast. He did so with a significant margin on his closest rival, Sajith Premadasa,

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This Saturday, Sri Lankans will head to the polls to select a new President: the culmination of a high-stakes election battle dominated by questions of national security and economic development. Strikingly absent from

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In Colombo’s shanty towns, Tamils are more concerned about daily needs than the struggle for independence. Nina de la Preugne meets the Tamils for whom Eelam won’t pay the bills. The walls vibrate

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An Interfaith Coalition, which brings together representatives of the four main religions, called on all candidates and citizens to act without violence, abuse and corruption in the elections on 8 April. They state

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Why is there a belief in the International Community and even the Sri Lankan Diasporas that things are returning to normal in Sri Lanka? This account from a highly credible source that cannot

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This open letter is from a veteran and widely respected Sri Lankan lawyer It was first published in Lanka-e-News 20 March 2010   Dear Dayananda, A Free and Fair Election – An impossible

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BASIL FERNANDO Column: Burning Points, UPI Asia Online - HONG KONG, China, February 5, 2010 The disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda, a political analyst, journalist and visual designer attached to Lanka E News; the

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Regardless of how they voted, many Sri Lankans strongly disapproved of three trends during the campaigning. These were: --- continuous personal slander, provoked by undue media publicity. As the norms of vigorous and