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Both New Delhi and Tokyo often contend that their efforts at polite persuasion are more effective than the public condemnation they describe as the “western way”. There is a time and place for

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By Reporters Without Borders / Reporters Sans Frontières “In what country do you appoint an arsonist to put out fires?” Reporters Without Borders asked today after learning that Mervyn Silva, a politician notorious for

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In Colombo’s shanty towns, Tamils are more concerned about daily needs than the struggle for independence. Nina de la Preugne meets the Tamils for whom Eelam won’t pay the bills. The walls vibrate

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To freely create, subscribe to and be part of an idea, without coercion or fear, underpins all social and political associations. Citizenship is essentially an idea, and a powerful one. On the one

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According to Tapan Bose, a well-known Indian journalist, film producer and a political activist, Basil Fernando’s book provides us an insight into “abysmal lawlessness and the zero status of the citizens”, the militarisation

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Col R Hariharan served in Sri Lanka as the head of intelligence for the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka between 1987 and 1990 and is still well connected with the Indian

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Tapan Bose is no stranger to violence and human rights abuse in South Asia. As Secretary General of the South Asia Forum for Human Rights, and based in Nepal, he has seen and

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19th May marks the first anniversary of the end of the internal conflict between Sri Lankan government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which lasted for more than 30 years.

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An Interfaith Coalition, which brings together representatives of the four main religions, called on all candidates and citizens to act without violence, abuse and corruption in the elections on 8 April. They state

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The UN agencies produce a regular update of the situation in Sri Lanka. The highlights of the March report are: 1) Menik Farm (the largest detention centre in Sri Lanka) currently hosts a